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The Adventures of Twinkle Bear Book Series

By Twinkle Star Dance

11x17, glossy hardcover with 18 illustrated pages.

Cost: $24.99


8.5x11, glossy paperback with 18 illustrated pages

Cost: $14.99

Twinkle Star Dance is happy to announce the release of the first book in the Adventures of Twinkle Bear series titled, Twinkle Bear Goes to Ballet. Author and illustrator, Juliet Rose Pinto partnered with Tiffany Henderson and Twinkle Star Dance to design this wonderful new book which will benefit dancers and dance instructors.

According to Pinto, "The book is to be used both during class and then taken home so kids can review while they practice. Students will be able to take the book home with them and look at the pictures and practice the exercises outside of class. I also made the text into a poem, which I think a lot of kids will be able to memorize like a song."

For the Instructor version, each section of the book corresponds with music and dance exercises teachers can use in class. This allows teachers to work with dancers while the dancers are listening to the audio. Those dance instructors that have subscribed to Twinkle Star Dance curriculum receive an audio version of the book for use in class with their dancers. Beginning June 2014, Twinkle Star Dance subscribers receive the music and class content as monthly updates. To subscribe for Twinkle Star Dance curriculum, visit