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Elizabeth Ercilia
Fancy Feet Dance Academy, Sacramento and Land Park, CA
Since subscripting to the Twinkle Star program in 2013 we have been extremely successful. I was able to hire 3 more employees and expand my business from 3 rooms to 5 rooms during our busy hours. We the help of the twinkle star starter kit, curriculum, and guidance we opened a new location and went from 0 students to 53 in 30 days. It is easy to train new hires with the curriculum and videos. We can assigned choreography to our instructors for our shows and costumes. It is so much less stressful as a studio owner. Our revenue has doubled with all the ideas, curriculum, camps, father daughter, share the love marketing, etc. As a studio owner I don’t have the time to come up with graphics and camps year after year. Graphic designers are expensive and that is just one extra thing. I am very happy to have the TSD gallery to choose from over 50 graphics. I feel that Tiffany and her team are motivating and keep me on track with monthly subscriber meetings and emails to remind us of upcoming ideas/updates. It is easy to find them and post it and be done within 5 minutes.
I have attended two conferences and they have been extremely helpful and worth it. I was able to take my 3 of my instructors to New Orleans and they loved it. I recommend subscribing to the program if you haven’t already.

Kelly Stento
LeRoux School of Dance, Royersford PA
As a studio director for the past 20 years, I found that the task of successfully hiring, and more importantly training, the 'mystery of the preschool classroom'to be a great challenge. In 2012, I met Tiffany Henderson, and Twinkle Bear at All That Glitters and Gold in Philadelphia and my world began to transform! I love to teach babies and the Twinkle Star Program has provided me with an organized system for training young teachers, by providing the knowledge (and example) they need to be successful with dancers ages 2-6. I have slowly replaced my children’s dance curriculum and school uniforms with everything Twinkle Star. The media packages and Facebook advertising make online marketing, printed marketing and brochures a breeze. After attending Philadelphia Freedom in 2014, I set up my StoreFront on, produced my first Nutcracker, began using online ticketing, added a Daddy Daughter Dance to my June recitals and sold all my costumes through After NOLA in 2015, I set up a GTM Team Store, switched to The Studio Director Software, added Fire It Up Fitness, a Dancin’ Holiday Magic Showcase, have doubled enrollment for Daddy Daughter, and am gearing up for summer camp! My 2016 registration for Daddy Daughter was my first online registration experience– can’t wait for summer and fall. I enjoy Tiffany’s monthly conferences, and am looking forward to Vegas in August! In 2017, LeRoux will transition to a year-round program.
I am really proud to be a Twinkle Star Program studio and know that this program has provided me a new level of organization and time management that I was missing! Oh, and – words cannot describe how that has changed my life! I always loved my job, but I am happier these days because I have found better ways to manage my studio and my time - and my kids love that too!
Thank you!
Kim Wright
Recreational Programs Director
The Dance Zone, Henderson, NV
We are pleased to be using the Twinkle Star program at The Dance Zone this year! We have found it to be a well-rounded, effective program for teaching technique to young dancers in a fun, accessible way! We have about 10 teachers teaching the Twinkle Stars program in over 50 recreational classes, for ages 2-10.
We are excited about the cohesiveness that the program allows us to offer at our studio. It has been a good tool for opening a dialogue for the teachers, so that we can discuss what and how we are teaching in our classes and make sure we are all on the same page. Our teachers have been pleased to find that most of the techniques and skills are things they were already doing and teaching, just presented in a new way. That has given them confidence in the syllabus as they have embarked on a new program. As the teachers become more familiar with the program, they are finding ways to use the program effectively, while still retaining their uniqueness as an individual instructor.
It has been a good sales tool for the front desk as well, as they are able to explain to parents that every teacher in each class will be covering the same technique and the same syllabus. It helps when a parent can't get their first choice of teacher, to be able to explain that the other teachers will be teaching very similar things.
It's nice to have fun, age-appropriate music and cute combos already prepared for teachers! The warm ups have given teachers a good place to start, with a base level of technique and moves that they can initially introduce. The classroom schedule and breakdown works great, and some of the ideas for the youngest dancers, such as Twinkle Bears and hula hoops, have been a huge success! Keep the videos and good ideas coming!
Samantha Sandefur
CDS Performing Arts, Billings, MT
I joined Twinkle Star Dance™ in January of 2015 and I am so happy I did! Our studio has been in business 38 years now and I bought it from previous owner 2 years ago. When I took the studio over the studio had dropped out of the community's awareness that we were even still in business. This year we had an increase of 60% in students, and 40% of that is just from January after joining the Twinkle Star Dance™ program. Amanda has been so helpful and I love the conference calls and emails that are responded to very quickly. This summer we are having 3 camps- Frozen Camps and a Hip Hop Camp. This will be the busiest summer we have had in over 12 years! I am excited for our future as a studio and with partnering with Twinkle Star Dance! Thank You Tiffany and Amanda!
Stephanie Nogueira
Duval Dance and Music Academy, Scituate, MA
Since implementing the Twinkle Star Dance™ program in my studio in September of 2014 my student enrollment ages 2-6 has increased by 35%. Before having the Twinkle Star Dance program I taught all of the age 2-6 classes. I did not feel confident in giving these classes to another teacher fearing that they would not know what to teach, how to present the material, be sensitive to children's feelings/needs, etc. This year I was able to give some of these classes to other teachers because I know that we are all teaching the same material and running classes in the same efficient manner. I would recommend the Twinkle Star Dance™ program to any studio owner who is looking to have a well rounded educational and fun program in their studio. The students love the upbeat music, flow of the class and learning new material on a constant basis!
Tara Dilley
AllthatJazz Dance Centre, West Chester, OH
I attended the Twinkle Star Dance™ Annual Conference last year and I couldn't wait to get home and implement everything I had learned. It is amazing to see how excited and energized my staff was about having all of that material at their fingertips! Now I know our classrooms will all be ran the same, the advancement and enjoyment of the students in both the Twinkle Stars™ and Showstars™ program is unbelievable! Word is spreading that we have something new, fun, and unique in our area that is flooded with dance studios. All of our classes filled by January and we are now starting waiting lists for 3 new classes! I would highly recommend attending the workshop with your staff. This is truly the best investment I have ever made in my 26 years as a studio owner. Thank you to Tiffany for offering this program and helping our studio grow in enrollment and in technique.
Pam Nobles
Pam Nobles Studio, Apalachicola, FL
Without Twinkle Star Dance™ curriculum (videos) my studio would have closed down. My husband has Cancer and I had to depend on my ladies dance class to run my studio, due to my absence with my husband in caregiving and doctor's appointments. A BIG THANK YOU TO TWINKLE STAR DANCE FOR SAVING AND KEEPING MY STUDIO GOING.
Kia Ellis
Ellis Dance Studio, Nutley, NJ
The Twinkle Star Dance™ program for dance studio owners is absolutely Amazing! As a new studio owner, the class curriculum and songs used for the program helps our dancers from age 2-6 to learn great technique as well as motor skills. This program also helps Ellis Dance Studio create a warm fun friendly environment where the dancers are learning non-stop. In addition, the Twinkle Star Dance™ Annual Conference last year that helped me and my staff tremendously. I have told all my friends that are studio owners about this outstanding program geared to help your dance studio reach unlimited heights financially as well as establish rapport in your community. Their customer support and staff is #1 !! Couldn't be more happier with this program!! Thank you for all that you do!!
Jennifer Ness
Dance Elite and Music, Lynnwood, WA
We are standardizing our most important classes (the little ones) and providing them with a solid foundation that they can grow on. We know what each other is teaching in classes and I (as the owner) know that what the students are getting in classes even if I'm not there to watch teachers. The Twinkle Star Dance™ program really keeps the dancers engaged and I have heard many times from parents in the last month, "Wow, that was a really good class.'
Anne Brodsky
Encore Dance Theatre, Sunrise, FL
My experience with Twinkle Star Dance™ has been so positive!! I love how all of my teachers follow the same amazing curriculum and it gives is something to firmly stand behind when we talk about the class and the growth of the students. We love this program and are finding it to be a well-rounded, effective program for teaching technique to young dancers in a fun, accessible way! It gives the studio more cohesiveness as dancers start out young and travel up in level as well as age. The program takes techniques and concepts that kids can grasp and makes them easy to learn. It’s fun, age appropriate activities, music, & combos. It has a good schedule and the breakdowns work great. We believe fully in the curriculum!
Rachel Turnage
Pointe of Dance Studio, Oakdale, CA and Reno, NV
We love the Twinkle Star Dance™ program, resources, marketing information and the incredible staff that is always willing to help with anything! We love the network of other studio owners and teachers that we share ideas and information with. The program has made it possible for us to be opening our second location.
Kelsey Burke
The PEAK School of Dance, Colorado Springs, CO
My name is Kelsey Burke, and I am the owner of The PEAK School of Dance in Colorado Springs, CO. My husband and I opened the studio in July 2015, just a mere six weeks after having our first child. We are 7 months into our first year, with a student base of 80 dancers, and new registrations daily. This would not have been possible without the help of Twinkle Star Dance and Costume Manager. I had the pleasure of working for Tiffany and Paul Henderson for almost three years, where I learned the TSD curriculum and even choreographed for the program. Opening the studio from the ground up meant that I would be teaching the majority of the classes with one other instructor on my staff. I would also be doing all of the training, admin, and costuming. With resources like TSD and CM, I manage to do all of this and have time to spend with my family.
Heather Sprouse Madison
OnStage Dance Studio, Cedar City, UT
Purchasing the Twinkle Star Dance™ curriculum and choreography has enabled me to spend more time with my students in classes instead of so much preparing for class. I've noticed the retention of the dancers has increased tremendously and their progress is coming along quicker because of the repetition of skills and I'm not stressed about coming up with choreography. If I need my assistant to take over the class it is structured so that no matter if I'm there or not they are getting the same material.
Terri Anderson and Annah Emmert
Sister Act Dance Academy, Brownsburg, IN
In 2010 my sister and I followed our dreams and opened the doors to our very own dance studio. Having our own children at home combined with the amount of time and work that goes into running a business quickly became a reality. In 2013 we attended the Twinkle Star Dance conference in Las Vegas and put everything we had into the Twinkle Star Dance Program. We left the conference with a refueled passion for teaching dance. Since then we have more than tripled our students, have a continued waiting list for our classes, and upgraded our studio from 400 square feet to 5000 square feet! This program has done wonders for our business and introduced us to an amazing group of teachers/studio owners who share the same love for dance. Thank you Twinkle Star Dance for changing the future of our studio!
Sally Foster
Sally K Dance, Emu Plains NSW Australia
I am in an area of Australia that is saturated with dance studios and the Twinkle Star Dance™ program allows me to provide quality, age-appropriate, fun, exciting and stimulating classes to students without needing to reinvent the wheel!
Teffany Ibarra
Teffany;s Dance Studio, Corpus Christi, TX
Twinkle Star Dance™, has brought a clean fresh image to my program in addition to an outstanding curriculum. I have always had a good baby program, but I had gaps in my timeline during class. I now, can keep attention span of a 2 year old for an entire 30 minutes, from start to finish. I have use the program to grow a student base who will grow in my studio for years to come! I do not regret one ounce of committing to this wonderful program!
Kellie Shea
Central Mass Dance Academy, Worcester, MA
The Twinkle Star Dance™ program has provided my staff and I with such valuable resources. It really makes running our children's program with such ease. All of our classes have a very high retention rate and my staff and I attribute that to the Twinkle Star Program. We love it!