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Kim Wright
Recreational Programs Director
The Dance Zone
The Dance Zone in Henderson, NV loves the Twinkle Star Dance Program. Take a moment to read about their experience with the program in their own words!

"We are pleased to be using the Twinkle Star program at The Dance Zone this year! We have found it to be a well-rounded, effective program for teaching technique to young dancers in a fun, accessible way! We have about 10 teachers teaching the Twinkle Stars program in over 50 recreational classes, for ages 2-10.

We are excited about the cohesiveness that the program allows us to offer at our studio. It has been a good tool for opening a dialogue for the teachers, so that we can discuss what and how we are teaching in our classes and make sure we are all on the same page. Our teachers have been pleased to find that most of the techniques and skills are things they were already doing and teaching, just presented in a new way. That has given them confidence in the syllabus as they have embarked on a new program. As the teachers become more familiar with the program, they are finding ways to use the program effectively, while still retaining their uniqueness as an individual instructor.

It has been a good sales tool for the front desk as well, as they are able to explain to parents that every teacher in each class will be covering the same technique and the same syllabus. It helps when a parent can't get their first choice of teacher, to be able to explain that the other teachers will be teaching very similar things.

It's nice to have fun, age-appropriate music and cute combos already prepared for teachers! The warm ups have given teachers a good place to start, with a base level of technique and moves that they can initially introduce. The classroom schedule and breakdown works great, and some of the ideas for the youngest dancers, such as Twinkle Bears and hula hoops, have been a huge success! Keep the videos and good ideas coming!

Thanks and keep up the good work!