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Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference

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AUGUST 14 - 16, 2015

Omni Royal Orleans Hotel

621 St Louis St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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This three day conference is geared toward the studio owner, an administrator/studio manager and a key instructor. We'll show you the proven recreational curriculum and choreography that increased each of Tiffany's studios' revenue by over $100k per year and the business systems that make owning a dance studio a joy.

What makes this conference so amazing and different?

The answer is action!

Not only will you and your staff learn new curriculum and choreography that you will take home with you, you'll also immediately implement exciting new business practices guaranteed to make your dancers and their parents happier, decrease your workload and increase profits.

Do you sometimes forget why you opened your dance studio or decided to become a dance educator?

Are you hopelessly bogged down in paperwork, schedules and management? Wouldn’t it be amazing to get back to what you love? Teaching Dance!

Twinkle Star Dance and are two companies started and run by Paul and Tiffany Henderson, owners of 8 successful dance academies in California. You’ll learn how they thrive in a competitive marketplace, and more importantly, how they love every moment of their lives. By implementing a few key processes in your studio you’ll rediscover the joy of dance and the joy of owning and operating a successful business.

Paul will show you how to eliminate 90% of your costuming workload while significantly increasing your net profit.

And then, we’ll give you the business tricks of the trade that make it possible to actually decrease your administrative workload while simultaneously increasing your net profit.

Unlike other conferences where the inspiration fades the minute you head home, our dedicated implementation team will ensure you’re up and running before you leave on Sunday.

Tiffany Henderson

Who does Tiffany Henderson think she is? Above all? Experienced.

She produces four Nutcracker’s each December, a professional dance performance each January in San Francisco and her 300 performing company dancers participate in 4 convention competitions and a Nationals competition each season, and she runs 25 recitals in the month of June. Oh yeah, she also still teaches 15 hours a week and is a regular guest speaker at Dance Teacher Summit, DanceLife Conference, DanceTeacherWeb LIVE Conference and contributor to Dance Teacher magazine, and Dance Informa Magazine.

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Paul Henderson

Paul's goal in life has been to smooth out the business processes of the dance studios so Tiffany can focus on doing what she loves...teaching dance. He is the General Manager of Tiffany's Dance Academy, Founder and President of and a dance business systems expert.

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"I never would have thought to gear my classes to my younger students. It has changed how I will approach my class schedule, curriculum and advertising."

- Previous Conference Attendee

By implementing a few key processes in your studio you'll discover the freedom and joy of owning and operating a successful dance studio business.

Featured Workshops:
Dance Movement Classes
  • Holidays in the Classroom
  • Twinkle Stars Class Elements Ages 2-6
  • Twinkle Stars Recital Choreography
  • Show Stars Class Elements Ages 6+
  • Show Stars Recital Choreography
  • Fire It Up Adult Dance Fitness Ages 18+
And Then There Were Two
Expand your studio locations

Are you considering expanding to more than one location? We’ll weigh the pros and cons and give you the hints, tips and tricks to pull it off without biting off more than you can chew.

Raise funds. Lower stress.

Earn extra profit of $100 per dancer per class per season without spending a penny. Introducing Storefront Fundraising by We’ll show you how to “sell” dozens of products to your dancers that they are going to buy anyway from someone. Best of all, you’ll spend no money, purchase no inventory, take no risk and earn monthly commission.

Recital in a Box

Come and receive the tools to plan an entire recital in 60 minutes, including Costumes, Music, Choreography, and Production Elements.

"This program really keeps the dancers engaged and I have heard many times from parents in the last month, "Wow, that was a really good class!"

– Jennifer Ness, Dance Elite and Music

Friday, August 14, 2015
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8:00am - 5:15pm

Special Event

Welcome Breakfast

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Lunch and Fashion Show

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Saturday, August 15, 2015
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9:00am - 5:15pm

Special Event

Lunch and Sparkle Awards

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Sunday, August 16, 2015
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User Session

8:30am - 4:00pm

Non-User Session

10:15am - 11:45pm

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Subscriber Breakfast

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Twinkle Star Dance Subscribers - Private in-class training

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Relax in the privacy of New Orleans’ finest hotel accommodations.

Our full property renovation, completed in March 2013, incorporates modern amenities with classic design in our 344 elegant guest rooms and suites. Each is decorated in a luxurious, contemporary style and features the most modern amenities, including 24 new iconic wrought-iron balconies overlooking the famed streets of Royal and St. Louis.

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Omni Royal Orleans Hotel

621 St Louis St
New Orleans, LA 70130