Twinkle Star Works!

We know what works for your 2-6 year old dance program. Twinkle Star is a proven system,  in current practice at hundreds of studios in diverse locations, and will absolutely work very well with your studio. No question. Implement the Twinkle Star Method and watch your studio's recruitment, enrollment and retention skyrocket. We recommend subscribing to Twinkle Babies/Stars Curriculum and Choreography to get you through classes and onto the recital stage. Your teachers will love having these resources at their fingertips, and you will love what it does for your studio.

And don't forget about the Twinkle Boosts that will bring in more revenue that you imagined. For instance, selling dance wear and dress codes to at your studio makes a huge difference! Check it out.

The Four Pillars of the Twinkle Star method

When you implement Twinkle Star at your studio, with the finesse that you already possess, then you have a formula that will Change. Your. Studio. Life. 


Skill Building is the essential base that all dancers need when they start out. They continue to fine tune these skills throughout their dance life. Curriculum is key, and Twinkle Star offers proven options that your teachers can rely on to keep class effective, valuable, and fun for your littlest students.


Center movement builds on all the skills they've been learning. Center combinations are taught and practiced. They can really start to dance and move together as a core of tiny dancers. Center Movement is key to experience before they begin to learn choreography for the recital. The dancers get a taste of performance before the big show. 


Keep them coming back for more with fun activities, storylines, and sweetness that every little dancer dreams of. They will beg to come back to class. Retain the little ones with fun!


The big day! Showtime provides choreography, recital themes, and costume ideas to get your classes ready for their big show. Recital season has never run so smoothly! They will never forget their first performance and will be back for more during the next season. The parents will love it too. 


Could your studio use a boost?

When you become a Twinkle Star Subscriber the results will speak for themselves. There are also numerous ways to boost your revenue with Twinkle Star, and Tiffany wants to help you out by sharing tips for studio success.

Increase your school's revenue by $113,000!

  • Increase the number of students at your studio by 140

  • Increase monthly tuition by $9,000 per month

  • Increase choreography video sales to students by $5,020

  • Increase recital ticket revenue by $8,400

  • Increase dancewear dress code net profit by $5,600

  • Increase recital costume profit by $2,800

  • Increase recital DVD sales by $1,040

  • Increase class picture revenue by $700

  • Attract students to studio via increased word-of-mouth referrals

  • Eliminate the need to choreograph new material each season

  • Eliminate the need to search for and edit new music

  • Eliminate the need to train new instructor staff

*Based on the average experience at 7 Tiffany's Dance Academy locations.