Huge Increase in Registrations

“ Twinkle Star Dance has brought structure and consistency to my studio. Tiffany taught us how to focus more on our recreational dancers. Two years ago we had 199 students. 95 were under the age of 6. Today we have 450 students. 275 are under the age of 6. The TSD program allows me to know what is going on in all my kid classes. The parents LOVE it! My teachers all enjoy using the program. They can access the videos when it is convenient for them. The only regret I have is not implementing TSD sooner. “

Kelly Pfeiffer
Megleo's School of Dance

Tripled Our Enrollment

“ After attending the Twinkle Star Dance conference in Las Vegas, we put everything we had into the Twinkle Star Dance Program. We left the conference with a refueled passion for teaching dance. Since then we have more than tripled our students, have a continued waiting list for our classes, and upgraded our studio from 400 square feet to 5000 square feet! Thank you Twinkle Star Dance for changing the future of our studio! “

Terri Anderson
Sister Act Dance Academy, Brownsburg, IN

80 Students in 7 Months

“ We are 7 months into our first year, with a student base of 80 dancers, and new registrations daily. This would not have been possible without the help of Twinkle Star Dance. With resources like this, I manage to run my studio and have time to spend with my family. “

Kelsey Burke
The PEAK School of Dance, Colorado Springs, CO

Had to Add More Classes!

“ I attended the Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference last year and I couldn't wait to get home and implement everything I had learned. Word is spreading that we have something new, fun, and unique in our area that is flooded with dance studios. All of our classes filled by January and we are now starting waiting lists for 3 new classes! This is truly the best investment I have ever made in my 26 years as a studio owner. “

Tara Dilley
AllthatJazz Dance Centre, West Chester, OH

Increased My Revenue

“ I have been so thankful for Twinkle Star Dance! Not only has it helped increase my revenue, it has increased our professionalism with dress code, website and marketing images and has allowed me to network with successful, supportive and passionate women! I am on the road to pay myself this next season which has not happened in 4 years! “

Samantha Sandefur
CDS Performing Arts, Billings, MT

53 Students in 30 Days

“ Since subscripting to the Twinkle Star program in 2013 we have been extremely successful. I was able to hire 3 more employees and expand my business from 3 rooms to 5 rooms. We the help of the Twinkle Star starter kit, curriculum, and guidance, we opened a new location and went from 0 to 53 students in 30 days. It’s easy to train new hires with the curriculum and videos, and we can assign choreography to our instructors for our shows and costumes. “

Elizabeth Ercilia
Fancy Feet Dance Academy, Sacramento, CA

Saved My Studio

“ We were missing the mark in the 2-6 year old bracket in our town. We barely had enough students to hold classes. Now they are our most popular classes and have brought in so much energy new families and new teachers. It has saved the future of my studio and made us a more well rounded studio catering to all ages! It's put us back on the map and helped make me more revenue than I even imagined! “

Rebecca Kufeld
High Desert Dance Co

Age-Appropriate and Fun

“ I am in an area of Australia that is saturated with dance studios and the Twinkle Star Dance™ program allows me to provide quality, age-appropriate, fun, exciting and stimulating classes to students without needing to reinvent the wheel! “

Sally Foster
Sally K Dance, Emu Plains NSW Australia

Increased Retention

“ Purchasing the Twinkle Star Dance curriculum and choreography has enabled me to spend more time with my students in classes instead of so much preparing for class. I've noticed the retention of the dancers has increased tremendously and their progress is coming along quicker because of the repetition of skills and I'm not stressed about coming up with choreography. ”

Heather Sprouse Madison
OnStage Dance Studio, Cedar City, UT