The Importance of Dress Codes

Being adorable in the classroom is important not just for the dancer, but the teacher too!

Did you know that in our experience at Tiffany's Dance Academy's seven locations about 80% of a studio's dancers are referred by friends of current students and their moms?  Based on the images below which teacher and student are going to result in the most "word-of-mouth" referrals of new students to your studio?

Creating and implementing a dress code is simple with Twinkle Wear™ and Twinkle Bear™ by Twinkle Star Dance™.

Twinkle Wear™
Class dress codes give parents and dancers visible, achievable goals while generating extra revenue.

Twinkle Bear™
Incorporate an element of fun with an additional merchandising opportunity.

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We are interested to know do you have a dress code for your students and/or teachers?  Comment below.