Managing May Studio Stress


This time of year seems to be when all worlds collide at a dance studio.  As a studio owner or dance teacher you are busy planning for picture day, dress rehearsal and the upcoming recital(s); setting the schedule and beginning the registration process for next season; getting calls for enrollment for summer camp in July/August; and if you have a performing company you are probably still finishing out the competition season or preparing to travel for nationals.

While stress and sleepless nights seem inevitable.  There are a few things you can do to make it more manageable.

1. Make a list
I have found it easiest to create a two column to-do list that I can tackle.  The left side is labeled "This Week" and the right side is "On Going."  This way I can cross off things on the left side while still keeping big picture items like cutting music or ordering props for summer camp on my radar.

2. Delegate
Use your teaching and administrative staff for their strengths.  Ask for help.  Maybe they have already asked for more responsibility or you know one of them can pick up the Uhaul to bring the props to the show.   

3. Get subs or reschedule classes in advance
Keep a Google Doc of dance teachers you have trained on your curriculum or used as subs in the past with their name, email address, and phone numbers.  Confirm their subbing hours and rates.  Make sure they have keys or that an office assistant with a key will be there when they are teaching.

4. Schedule email reminders 
Did you know Facebook and dance management software often allows you to schedule emails ahead of time?  Schedule picture day, dress rehearsal, show, registration etc. notices and reminders in advance so you don't have to worry about emailing them later. 

5. Take the first hour
It is tempting to get into the office and jump right into emails (or even in the car on your phone on the way into the studio).  Take the first hour to tackle your to-do list when you are fresh and then go into your emails.  It is more productive to go into the studio and choreograph the finale you need to set tonight rather than answer Susie's question about hair.

6. Drink Water
While tempting to reach for another diet coke, or five, make sure you are hydrating throughout the day.  I carry a fun water bottle and bring it with me around the studio.  Even alternating coffee or other caffeinated drinks with water is better.

What are some ways you manage stress this time of year? Do you reward yourself after a job well done?

Team Twinkle Star Dance