5 Reasons to Attend a Live Event

5 Reasons to Attend a Live Event
Tiffany Henderson with Amanda Scott
Twinkle Star Dance

Dance studio owners and teachers are givers. We give class, we give our time, we give knowledge, just to name a few. Sometimes I find myself mid-season with nothing more to give. This empty feeling is why I attend a live event at the beginning of the year to reignite my passion for teaching and running a successful dance studio business.  

Live events are inspiring, motivating, and empowering. The energy that comes from being surrounded by like-minded dance studio owners is contagious. Live Events rekindle my passion for my dance studio business and spark creativity and innovation.

Here are 5 reasons you should attend a Live Event:
  1. Educational Opportunities - The opportunity to learn something new is one of the biggest draws to attending a live event. While I love attending (and hosting) webinars, there are still some educational benefits you only get from a live, face-to-face setting. Live events give you the opportunity to watch and learn from visual cues, body language, and the overall atmosphere of growth.

  1. Networking and Friendship - Running a dance studio can sometimes feel like you are alone on an island. Attending live events with other dance studio owners and teachers forges connections with people who share your same passion for dance, teaching, working with kids, and being a #bosslady.

  1. Marketing Systems - The way we attract and connect with past, present, and future customers is constantly evolving. It’s crucial to the success of our business that we implement new marketing systems and strategies to continue to attract our target customers - the Millennial Mom. Live Events at the beginning of the year are a great opportunity to take a look at what marketing systems we have in place, hear about new strategies, and make necessary changes.

  1. Business Strategies - Running a successful dance studio business means you have systems in place for important aspects of your day-to-day operations like student registration, teacher training, customer service, and recital management. I love attending live events to hear what new systems are out there to make my studio run more efficiently and effectively.

  1. Mindset - More important than networking for growth and success in your business is your mindset. Interacting with highly motivated, encouraging, and inspiring dance studio owners and teachers sparks creativity and innovation. We all need to take a break from routine in order to stay at the top of our game. A change of scenery, especially one that is rich with educational and networking opportunities, can help you spark your creativity, develop new ideas and help you think in innovative ways.

If you invest the time and money to attend a live event for your dance studio business, you can guarantee that you will return home with new tools, valuable contacts, and a renewed approach that will help you manage and grow your dance studio.

Join me for our “Grow Your Studio with Twinkle Star Dance” TSD Live! Events:
January 12-13, 2018 - Vancouver, BC, Canada
January 19-20, 2018 - South San Francisco, CA
February 3-4, 2018 - Delanco, NJ