Why Brand your Preschool Dance Classes with Twinkle Star Dance Today

Why Brand your Preschool Dance Classes with Twinkle Star Dance Today
Amanda Scott
Twinkle Star Dance

One of my favorite parts of my job is interacting with Dance Studio Owners and Teachers through our extended Twinkle Star Dance community. Looking ahead to the new year, I hear a lot of studio owners and teachers who haven’t implemented Twinkle Star Dance yet say, “I don’t think this would work for me right now since my classes are already running.”

I want to challenge the notion that you can only implement a curriculum at the start of a season.  Right now is a great time to subscribe to Twinkle Stars Dance and have immediate, 24/7 access to our trademarked curriculum and video-based teacher training system.

I’m guessing you, like most studios owners right now, are struggling with new teachers not attracting enough new students to fill up their classes; maybe you are facing the fact that your current marketing and branding is not attracting Millennial Moms; or maybe your pain is the result of a beloved teacher leaving mid-season and you need a more efficient way to train their replacement.   

These are all issues studio owners around the world struggle with. Tiffany likes to say, “It is not if, if it when.” Luckily, having a tried and true system in place like Twinkle Star Dance sets you up to deal with recurring obstacles studio owners face so you can handle problems thrown your way and reclaim your sanity.

It is normal to have feelings of reservation about making changes mid-season, but there are also huge benefits. Here are five reasons why you should subscribe to Twinkle Star Dance today:

  1. Build a Buzz
We talk a ton about how Word-of-Mouth Marketing is the best marketing for your dance studio and your classes. Introducing new classes to your schedule mid-season gets dancers and families buzzing about your dance studio and telling all of their friends. Even better, holding a free Twinkle Star Dance “Sparkle Day” event at the start of the year also helps encourage new dancers and families to check out your school.

  1. Attract your Target Student
A successful dance studio business is built on a strong foundation of recreational dancers. The 2-6 age group is the biggest pool of dancers that don’t already have a dance home, welcome them! With our Twinkle Star Dance branding and marketing graphics you capture the eye of Millennial Moms and get them buzzing about your classes.   

  1. Update your Menu
Pre-dance, Combo, Kinder Dance.. Wah wah. These dance class names might have worked in the past, but armed with smartphones consumers are changing at a rapid pace. The names of your classes have to elicit a feeling, a connection to parents and fulfill their idea of dance class.

  1. Train your Teachers Consistently
Trained teachers and limited teacher turnover are the key to a successful dance studio business. Having a preschool dance curriculum makes your teachers more well-rounded and also gives them the opportunity to have more teaching hours at your studio.  

  1. Protect your Business
Twinkle Star Dance is the only trademarked preschool dance curriculum proven in over 250 dance studios world-wide. A lesson plan doesn’t protect your business. Invest in our video-based teacher training system and trademarked curriculum to be protected.

Learn more about getting started with Twinkle Star Dance here.