Why Dress Code is Important and Why You Need One Your Dance Studio 


Tiffany Henderson with Amanda Scott

In addition to saving dance parents time and money, implementing a dress code at your studio can bring in additional revenue for your business. At Tiffany’s Dance Academy our dress code is mandatory; however several times per season dancers may wear whatever they choose to class. 

If you are interested in offering a dress code this season, consider the benefits below for your dancers:

1) Helps a dancer understand they are going to a structured class (compared to unstructured playtime). When dancers put on their uniform, they get into a specific mindset before dance class. 

2) Ensures that the clothing is not a distraction during class. My second year of studio ownership “The Little Mermaid” was all the rage and every 3-4 year old came in the princess outfit mermaid, tail and all. One problem was that dancers were so distracted by the costumes, they could not focus for the duration of the class. 

3) Ensures that the dancer is appropriately dressed. As teachers we need to be able to see dancers’ bodies and make necessary corrections. When dancers are in dress code you can easily make changes. 

4) Ensures that each dancer has the same brand, style and color of shoes and tights for on stage performances. Uniformity on stage during a performance starts with dress code. If you want everyone to be in the same shoes, tights, costume, and hair style at recital then you need to set the tone in class each week. 

Looking to revamp your existing dress code or start selling dancewear at your studio this fall? Join Twinkle Star Dance in Orlando July 12-14 and attend our special “Setting Your Dress Code” Workshop: https://www.twinklestardanceconference.com

Can’t make it? Join Tiffany for a free webinar July 18 at 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST: https://events.genndi.com/register/818182175026323944/5a9c2f15b3