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The Power of Suggestion in your Dance Studio

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Happy Friday!

I was working with a studio owner this week through Tiffany’s Diamond Circle and they brought up some unresolved fears they had as a business owner. It boiled down to the students at their school not really showing the level of knowledge they expected them to on stage at the recital.  

I think we can all agree that this time of year we find ourselves reevaluating our businesses and wondering how we can continue to grow and attract new customers as we enter next season. The world around us is changing so rapidly, studio owners have to come up with new ways to reach our target customer - the millennial mom.  

Today, I want to share something I imparted on my staff called the power of suggestion. Our entire campaign about registering for the new dance season was built on getting as many students as possible to take two classes (or more) per week. Spoiler alert: it worked!   

Many times potential customers call the studio and they always ask “How many classes should they take?” (listen for this and you will hear it now). Usually my staff responded with something along the lines of most dancers take dance once a week. This year we changed our tune and said most dancers take two.

Registration Day at my studios was on Thursday, April 25 and we created a buzz! We made our online schedule viewable two weeks prior; we passed out dancer evaluations with recommended classes for next season; we offered our best promotion of the year.

Then all of the content we put out around registration day was about the two classes per week being the Best Value and what the Benefits for the Dancer are. We created an infographic and shared it on our website, across our social media pages, and on the email blast about registration being open.

“Skill is gained by consistently pushing the limits of your ability, failing, and trying again. And again. The more you do this, the more skill you build.  If you are only taking one dance class, once a week, there is a limit on how fast your dancer will gain skill. Taking two dance classes per week will increase skill-building opportunities immensely!” Check out the full blog post from here.   

I’m curious to know, what are some ways market for your new dance season? Do you offer a promotion to create a sense of urgency?

Best, Tiffany

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Uniformity Onstage: Recital Makeup


Christine Dion, CEO of Mode Dion

It's recital time and that means making sure everyone has their dance moves down and their costumes looking sharp. But what about makeup? Performers need uniform, easy to apply, long lasting stage makeup to enhances features and is age appropriate. Street makeup just won't do. Stage makeup is designed to be perspiration resistant and has richer pigments than street makeup so it shows up under stage lights. Application is also important as even the best stage makeup applied incorrectly can distort and over power features.

Keeping your makeup application uniform is very important and truly improves the overall look of the show. Here are a few tips below to create a complete stage face:

Twinkle Stars (dancers ages 3-6)

Children have cute little faces that are bright and animated but on stage their small more delicate features can fade and be hard to see. A little makeup on these tiny performers applied correctly goes a long way. Children are not at ease with someone poking around their eyes and hate keeping still for any length of time. Mascara, liner, and lipstick can prove particularly difficult. Twinkle Stars look sweet in pink lips and cheeks. Here are a few easy make-up techniques that have worked well for me.

Click here for steps, tips and video for Ages 3-6

Show Stars Minis and Juniors (dancers ages 5-12)

Choosing Eyeshadow Color

Keep eye shadow neutral. Choose between a dark brown or burgundy brown tone to define, a peach warm tone to balance eyes along the bone and a light cream highlight shade for the lid and under brows to lift and open eyes. Our eyeshadow double as eye liners due to the rich pigment content so this does make lining easier but application is the same for pencils as well. It is best to avoid liquid liners as they can come across to bold and heavy. Be sure to leave open lines at the eye corners for the White Pencil to be applied in between. Shimmer can really enhance features especially on cheek bones, inner eye corners, on center of eye lids even at the center of lips.

Click here for steps, tips and video on stage eyes

Choosing Lip Color

It can be a nice look for a Junior to be in a softer lip shade than the bold true reds often used for stage on a more mature performer. However if your Junior performers are dancing with the Senior performers throughout the recital then all should be in the same lip shade for better uniformity. These colors have been carefully selected to compliment skintones, look great under stage lights and still be age appropriate. Choose between a soft red like our Rhubarb or a true red like our Stage Red Lip Duos.

Click here for tips and video on stage lips.

Choosing Cheek Color

A soft red tone is best and should compliment the lip shade. Be sure to stay away from orange under tones as they quickly turn under hot lights.

Click here for steps, tips and video and create the perfect stage cheeks

Be sure to see our Twinkle Stars and Show Stars makeup looks live in the wonderful Fashion Show at the Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference July 12-14 in Orlando, FL. Learn more here:

About Christine

Christine Dion has been guiding new performer's in the Talent Industry for over 35 years as an Author, Columnist, Speaker, Artist and Image Consultant. Her background includes: New model development for ELITE Modeling Agency, Director of John Casablanca's Modeling School L.A., Head Instructor for John Robert Powers Finishing School, Beverly Hills & Owner/Director of MODE DION Image & Self Development Center, L.A.. Christine has created numerous television shows and videos on self improvement. She has worked with pageant queens, actors, models, dancers and children of public figures with the goal they look and feel their very best in the public eye. As a professional makeup artist Christine has worked internationally for commercials, television, fashion photography and theater. She created Mode Dion Cosmetics for the special needs of performers. As an author Christine has written and created numerous national beauty columns for leading industry magazines, and wrote the popular book "High Performance Beauty" (Princeton Press). Her latest book "RISING STAR Skills to Empower & Achieve" is a must read for performers seeking success in the Talent Industry. She currently speaks across the country educating performers on Beauty, Professional Makeup and Public Image. See more about Christine Dion, her makeup artistry and training articles at

How can I avoid post-show fallout and retain dancers after recital?


How can I avoid post-show fallout and retain dancers after recital?

You put all your energy into creating a memorable and fun dance recital. It is very disheartening when you struggle to get many of those dancers back again in the fall. In this episode, hear tips on how to prevent post-show fallout and keep those students engaged all year long with Tiffany Henderson, owner of 7 dance studios and creator of Twinkle Star Dance

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Catch Tiffany Henderson live at the Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference July 12-14 in Orlando, FL. See the full schedule and more information at 

Why am I suddenly having anxiety and panic attacks about my dance studio?


Raise your hand if you are feeling stressed.

Up until now, we write off or dismiss the physical anxiety symptoms by telling ourselves that somehow this is the price we pay to make the world a better place, one dancer at a time. In this episode Tiffany Henderson, owner of seven dance studios and creator of Twinkle Star Dance, explores the impact of continued stress and anxiety on us and what we can do to change for the better and for our health. 

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Catch Tiffany Henderson live at the Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference July 12-14 in Orlando, FL. See the full schedule and more information at 

About Dance Studio 411 Podcast

Need expert advice on handling dance studio dilemmas and drama? Suzanne Blake Gerety and Jill Tirone take real-life questions directly from our listeners and help you resolve your toughest, most frustrating or just-plain-complicated studio life predicaments. In each episode they tackle the topics that keep you awake at night from how to successfully navigate parent-problems, teacher turnover, student challenges, policy dilemmas, and much more. Join them as they feature innovators who pull back the curtain and offer timely ideas and solutions. We also love to keep things light and have fun along the way! We’re so excited for you to join the conversation. 

2019 Twinkle Star Dance Conference Schedule is Live!


You asked for more workshop-based classes at the 2019 Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference and we packed the schedule! Now you can spend your valuable time planning social media marketing campaigns, creating holiday shows, and setting your studio's calendar. 

You don't want to miss the Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference July 12-14at the Sheraton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort in Orlando, FL. Space is limited and we are anticipating selling out our venue this year.

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Just listen to what one previous attendee had to say…

“At one time had three very profitable studios. I chose to reduce to a smaller studio to raise my kids. During 2008 the housing problems hit us very hard. We lost our home and I lost my business which was in my backyard. I had to start back from scratch. The first 4 years were basically a negative situation. 
I attended the 2013 conference and to be honest did not follow the curriculum whole-heartedly. I had so many other areas in my life to take care of and the studio was always last on the list. 

I came to the 2017 conference and made the decision to finally get started and follow the program. After this commitment I have added new students monthly. I am excited again and actually have extra money at the end of the month. Last summer, I bought a house and am finally back to where I was before 2008. 

I realized that the love of my studio was what got me through the hard part and after fixing it the rest of my life fell in place. We, as dance teachers, don’t have jobs, we have an extension of our heart and without a healthy studio our hearts suffer. Thank you for helping me heal my heart.” 

Sharon Lanouette,

Sharon’s School of Dance

Learn more and get tickets here.