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Why you should invest in attending dance teacher live events


Wish You Were Here?

Summer is a crazy time of year for dance studio owners. After the madness of recital season ends kids are getting out of school and the dance season winds down. Before we take a breath, it’s July and summer camps, dance intensives, and a new season of classes are starting. My dance studio business is always booming in the summer months and this year it feels even crazier because of all the dance teacher events I am attending.

In addition to planning an end of the year banquet for my performing company dancers and staff, taking a family vacation to Cabo, and training a new set of teachers this summer I am speaking at:

The Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference July 12-14 in Orlando.

Energize Tools for Studio Success Conference August 16-18 in Chicago.

The Benefit of Live Events

Live events are a catalyst for so many amazing opportunities; several of my dance studio owner friends, a steady stream of new marketing ideas, and overall business growth. While the digital world enables us to connect with other dance tecahers online through social media, there is nothing quite like having a shared experience with someone in an intimate setting. Sitting down with another person for a meal or cocktails, grabbing a quiet moment for a one-on-one conversation, or finding a much needed community deepens the joy I find in running a dance studio.

I like to look for events that will inspire both personal and professional growth. In my twenty years of owning dance studios, I have learned an incredible amount of information and strategies that continue to grow my business, discovered systems and resources that have streamlined my business, and gained connections with valuable vendors and industry experts.

Make a Commitment and Show Up

My challenge to you is to take time away from your dance studio this summer, get off social media, and attend a live dance teacher event. Register or buy a ticket, put it on your calendar, and show up. Eighty percent of the opportunities in life are a result of simply showing up. If this is intimidating for you, grab a friend and make plans to go together!

Attending dance teacher conferences has dramatically impacted my business and greatly enriched my personal life and it can do the same for you. Maybe we’ll even see each other!

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Disney Performing Arts- Dance Workshop.JPG

Have you heard? Our friends at Disney Performing Arts are offering Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference attendees exclusive behind the scenes access. Join us for a magical, unique Disney Performing Arts Workshops experience at Walt Disney World® Resort for registered conference attendees only on Thursday, July 11 from 3:30pm - 6:30pm. All transportation will be provided. 

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Having FOMO? Register for the Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference July 12-14 in Orlando click here.

What to Pack for the Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference

What to Pack for Twinkle Star Dance Conference

Amanda Scott

We've gotten some messages this week from attendees about being excited for the Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference July 12-14 in Orlando (and trust me I am right there with you, I can not wait)! Outside of the link to book the extended rate on discounted hotel rooms, the most common question is “What do I wear?”

We are here to help! One of my favorite things to do when I am traveling (for work or for play) is making a packing list so I am happy to share some insight into what I am bringing to Orlando below:

A Night Under the Stars.jpg

Cocktail Party

First, what I’m wearing to the Revolution Dancewear “A Night Under the Stars” Cocktail Party. I like to start with special events because the season of life I am in right now requires me to wear more “just went to the gym” and “my hair is mostly dry shampoo” looks than I care to admit. Plus, I am in desperate need of a night out. For the cocktail party, I’m currently debating between an embellished cocktail dress or a bold jumpsuit, but either are appropriate.

Business Classes & Seminars.jpg

Business Seminars, Dance Studio Owner Only Sessions, and Workshops

If you are planning on attending the Dance Studio Owner Only sessions, Business Seminars or our brand new Workshops (where you actually set your studio calendar, assign your dress code, and create your shows) I encourage you to pack your own version of a “power suit.” That way when you decide to take the leap and make a change in your business you feel like a boss, too. I’m bringing my favorite white blazer to throw on when I am presenting, but I also love the feminine details of a lace top paired with trousers.  

Movement Classes.jpg

Disney Performing Arts Experience and Movement Classes

This is probably the easiest to pack for because the majority of my drawers are overfilled with black leggings; sorry Marie Kondo they all bring me joy. I plan on throwing in my favorite leggings, athletic top, and zip up jacket. Since, I know we will “be twinkling” I am packing a leotard and my trusty black ballet skirt. For my feet, I’m bringing tennis shoes for Fire It Up and Hip Hop classes as well as my Tap, Ballet, and Jazz shoes.

Meals and After Hours

Having traveled with Tiffany to dance teacher conferences once or twice, I know she lives for grabbing dinner out once classes wrap up for the day. I also know she also has an outfit change before said dinner out so I am going to follow suit. Since we are in Florida I am all about packing a Maxi dress. They work great for by the pool as a coverup, but add some statement earrings and a bold lip and you’re dinner ready in a flash.

I hope this helps you while you are packing for Orlando! Don’t forget to register for the Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference July 12-14 here.

Permission to Celebrate


I don’t know about you, but the moment I look forward to the most during long recital days is the “after party.” I just completed my 19th season as a dance studio owner and taking time to commemorate the event is more important than ever. As the years slip away, I feel the need to hold tighter to the special moments and attempt to slow the pace of time passing. Depending on where you are in your time as a dance studio owner this message will mean different things.  

I remember being a mom of two young children and just wanting to see the end of the recital, so I could get some rest. Even back then, my husband Paul and I made it a priority to celebrate with a pizza dinner or something fun. Our little kids would come with us, sometimes sleeping at the table, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We were together and it taught our children to exist in many situations, that life wasn’t always all about them, and the value of working hard at something they loved.

We also made family vacations a priority after the dance recital season ended. The expectation of the trip we would take together gave us all energy. It also gave me quality time to spend with my family, free from distractions and away from the demands of the studio. In retrospect, these celebrations and family trips were also the fuel for my continued enthusiasm for my job.

A celebration can be as simple as a small family dinner or party, vacation, or time that you give yourself to reflect and recharge. Often times these “celebrations” are skipped because we are in constant “work” mode with the never ending tasks that continue immediately following our big year-end event called “recital.” It is hard for us to get off the train!  

The other reason we miss our celebration time is good old-fashioned guilt. Do we really deserve to take time off when so many people and tasks require our attention? We already have parents and staff questioning our dedication to their children and asking why we would benefit from the work we do. How would a tropical vacation be received by the mom who thinks I should be giving free solo lessons to her child every day in the summer?  

We consider these questions because we are one giant, collective group of people pleasers, who also happen to be really passionate about our work. The problem is that our work suffers when we do. Time to celebrate and reflect makes us stronger and ultimately more successful - better leaders, teachers, and family members. When we accomplish something and don't take the time to celebrate, we are robbing ourselves of an important feeling that reinforces our success.  

I know we love our dance families so much and sometimes it doesn’t feel like work, but don’t make the mistake of not taking the time to enjoy your life with the people you love and that includes YOURSELF. From one dance studio owner friend to another, I give you permission to celebrate! Go book that vacation and don’t forget to post photos so we can all celebrate together.


Want more dance studio business inspiration and practices to put in place next season? Catch Tiffany at the Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference July 12-14 in Orlando.

Exclusive Disney Performing Arts Workshop at Walt Disney World!

Disney Performing Arts- Dance Performance.jpg

We are excited to announce our newest Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference event presented by Disney Performing Arts. Join us for a magical, unique Disney Performing Arts Workshops experience at Walt Disney World® Resort for registered conference attendees only on Thursday, July 11 from 3:30pm - 6:30pm. All transportation will be provided. 

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