Uniformity Onstage: Recital Makeup


Christine Dion, CEO of Mode Dion

It's recital time and that means making sure everyone has their dance moves down and their costumes looking sharp. But what about makeup? Performers need uniform, easy to apply, long lasting stage makeup to enhances features and is age appropriate. Street makeup just won't do. Stage makeup is designed to be perspiration resistant and has richer pigments than street makeup so it shows up under stage lights. Application is also important as even the best stage makeup applied incorrectly can distort and over power features.

Keeping your makeup application uniform is very important and truly improves the overall look of the show. Here are a few tips below to create a complete stage face:

Twinkle Stars (dancers ages 3-6)

Children have cute little faces that are bright and animated but on stage their small more delicate features can fade and be hard to see. A little makeup on these tiny performers applied correctly goes a long way. Children are not at ease with someone poking around their eyes and hate keeping still for any length of time. Mascara, liner, and lipstick can prove particularly difficult. Twinkle Stars look sweet in pink lips and cheeks. Here are a few easy make-up techniques that have worked well for me.

Click here for steps, tips and video for Ages 3-6

Show Stars Minis and Juniors (dancers ages 5-12)

Choosing Eyeshadow Color

Keep eye shadow neutral. Choose between a dark brown or burgundy brown tone to define, a peach warm tone to balance eyes along the bone and a light cream highlight shade for the lid and under brows to lift and open eyes. Our eyeshadow double as eye liners due to the rich pigment content so this does make lining easier but application is the same for pencils as well. It is best to avoid liquid liners as they can come across to bold and heavy. Be sure to leave open lines at the eye corners for the White Pencil to be applied in between. Shimmer can really enhance features especially on cheek bones, inner eye corners, on center of eye lids even at the center of lips.

Click here for steps, tips and video on stage eyes

Choosing Lip Color

It can be a nice look for a Junior to be in a softer lip shade than the bold true reds often used for stage on a more mature performer. However if your Junior performers are dancing with the Senior performers throughout the recital then all should be in the same lip shade for better uniformity. These colors have been carefully selected to compliment skintones, look great under stage lights and still be age appropriate. Choose between a soft red like our Rhubarb or a true red like our Stage Red Lip Duos.

Click here for tips and video on stage lips.

Choosing Cheek Color

A soft red tone is best and should compliment the lip shade. Be sure to stay away from orange under tones as they quickly turn under hot lights.

Click here for steps, tips and video and create the perfect stage cheeks

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