Channeling Women Empowerment in your Dance Studio


Channeling Women Empowerment in your Dance Studio

Tiffany Henderson with Amanda Scott

Do you ever look around your studio and see all of the women connected by it? Your employees that give classes week in and week out, dancers that grow up through your program, the mother in the lobby with their new three-year-old. We own a business surrounded almost entirely by women.

There has never been a more empowering time to be a woman, especially a woman in our position with the level of impact we have on our local communities. Don’t get me wrong, owning a studio can feel defeating at times, but today I want to focus our energy on what we can celebrate:

Dance studio owners are risk takers. We are women that opened a business(!) built on a passion for dance and for teaching children. We bet on ourselves and our ability to grow a business successfully. Not to mention, we do what we love for a living every day.    

Dance studio owners are mentors. We are probably one of the most or the most impactful people children interact with because we see them year after year. We model things like working towards attainable goals, the value of being part of a team, and self-expression.

Dance studio owners are changemakers. We create community and connection in a world that is oftentimes isolating and lonely. We foster creativity and growth among our staff and students. Often times, we go beyond the walls of the studio and serve in our local communities through goods drives, community performances, or other volunteer positions.   

So if you are feeling a wave of fear creep over you when you want to change to start classes in July instead of August or you want to start a Holiday show this year. Repeat after me. “I am a risk taker, I am a mentor, and I am a changemaker.”   

Need some more inspiration? Join us in Orlando July 12 -14 for the Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference. More than just preschool curriculum, we cover everything under the sun! This year we are excited to have more workshop-based classes on our schedule. Now you can spend your valuable time planning social media campaigns, creating your Holiday show, and setting your studio’s calendar of events.