2019 Twinkle Star Dance Conference Schedule is Live!


You asked for more workshop-based classes at the 2019 Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference and we packed the schedule! Now you can spend your valuable time planning social media marketing campaigns, creating holiday shows, and setting your studio's calendar. 

You don't want to miss the Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference July 12-14at the Sheraton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort in Orlando, FL. Space is limited and we are anticipating selling out our venue this year.

View the 2019 Twinkle Star Dance Annual Conference schedule here.

Just listen to what one previous attendee had to say…

“At one time had three very profitable studios. I chose to reduce to a smaller studio to raise my kids. During 2008 the housing problems hit us very hard. We lost our home and I lost my business which was in my backyard. I had to start back from scratch. The first 4 years were basically a negative situation. 
I attended the 2013 conference and to be honest did not follow the curriculum whole-heartedly. I had so many other areas in my life to take care of and the studio was always last on the list. 

I came to the 2017 conference and made the decision to finally get started and follow the program. After this commitment I have added new students monthly. I am excited again and actually have extra money at the end of the month. Last summer, I bought a house and am finally back to where I was before 2008. 

I realized that the love of my studio was what got me through the hard part and after fixing it the rest of my life fell in place. We, as dance teachers, don’t have jobs, we have an extension of our heart and without a healthy studio our hearts suffer. Thank you for helping me heal my heart.” 

Sharon Lanouette,

Sharon’s School of Dance

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