Recital Inspiration...A Message for the Brave


May is winding down and I have been here before...a mixed tape of emotions ranging from excitement to exhaustion and the overwhelming thoughts of starting all over again in a few short months. As this season closes, I am starting my 20th year as a dance studio owner.

Most days I feel like my job is the absolute best and yet some days I am dreaming of an escape to a far away land where responsibilities are a distant memory, Canada eh? In past years I motivate myself into the next season with the replaying message of how I am helping change and shape the lives of young dancers. This year it is different. Going into my 20th year I am motivated by own strength, perseverance, and bravery.  

I, much like you, took the risk of starting my own business and family at the same time. I rode the waves of change while steering my ship through calm and treacherous seas. Twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have considered my own strength, nor would have I lauded my own success without giving credit to those around me “helping” me. Twenty six year old Tiffany would have said that I had a “good team” and that the love and support of my family, which I am forever grateful, was the sole reason I was successful. I feel differently now and I see the impact of embracing my own power.  

My sixteen year old daughter recently wrote me a beautiful Mother’s Day card and in one sentence called me a “Boss” and wrote that she hopes someday someone will tell her she is “just like her mom.” She watches me do hard things daily. I am the leader, I gave myself that title, and I am the one who has to step up and do what so many won’t. YOU, my friends, are the same!  You embody the strength and bravery that leads to your success.  Own your power, embrace it, and watch it be carried on in all those who are around you.  

Best wishes for a fantastic Recital,


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