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Episode 4 - "Part 2: Recital"

Tiffany Henderson is an industry expert, speaker, and the owner of seven Tiffany's Dance Academy locations in California. She is the founder of the Twinkle Star Dance program implemented in over 300 dance studios world wide.

Episode 4 ”Part 2: Recital”

In our fourth episode of “How to Survive Dance Studio Life” Tiffany and Amanda discuss why Recitals are important for the growth of your dancers and how they are essential to your bottom line. Listen to the five reasons Recitals should be one of your biggest priorities as a studio owner; why you should market your Recital as an experience and not just another event on your calendar; and hear the latest trends Tiffany is seeing across her seven dance studio locations.

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Tiffany Henderson is an industry expert, owner of seven dance Tiffany’s Dance Academy studios, and the founder of the Twinkle Star Dance program implemented in over 300 dance studios world wide.

Three Post-Recital Celebrations You Need to Have


Tiffany Henderson with Amanda Scott

Let’s be honest, only dance studio owners need permission to take time for themselves. Even though our dance studio businesses are a labor of love, it is important for us to take time to recharge after the recital season. Dance studio owners are in constant “work mode” and often struggle with how to wind down and give themselves a much deserved break.

If you are waiting for your to-do list to get shorter before you can take time away, it won’t. A lot of times after I take a much-needed break, the tasks look different to me. With fresh eyes and renewed energy, you will have a more productive way to accomplish something.

Dance studio owners never truly leave our work because we love it so much, but we have to step away to reflect and come up with inspiration for the new season; what dance number am I doing with this group, what recital theme I want to do for next year, etc. Some of the most creative ideas I come up with for my business are on thought up vacation.

Following our year-end recital it is important that we take a moment to celebrate our success and the completion of putting our shows together. In fact, after reviewing how I recover from my recitals and ramp up for the new season, I realize that there are actually three distinct celebrations that need to happen after the final curtain:

1. With your staff - this can be a simple dinner or small party
2. With your family - a vacation away from the studio, free of distractions
3. With yourself - time for you to recharge

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Permission to Celebrate


I don’t know about you, but the moment I look forward to the most during long recital days is the “after party.” I just completed my 19th season as a dance studio owner and taking time to commemorate the event is more important than ever. As the years slip away, I feel the need to hold tighter to the special moments and attempt to slow the pace of time passing. Depending on where you are in your time as a dance studio owner this message will mean different things.  

I remember being a mom of two young children and just wanting to see the end of the recital, so I could get some rest. Even back then, my husband Paul and I made it a priority to celebrate with a pizza dinner or something fun. Our little kids would come with us, sometimes sleeping at the table, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We were together and it taught our children to exist in many situations, that life wasn’t always all about them, and the value of working hard at something they loved.

We also made family vacations a priority after the dance recital season ended. The expectation of the trip we would take together gave us all energy. It also gave me quality time to spend with my family, free from distractions and away from the demands of the studio. In retrospect, these celebrations and family trips were also the fuel for my continued enthusiasm for my job.

A celebration can be as simple as a small family dinner or party, vacation, or time that you give yourself to reflect and recharge. Often times these “celebrations” are skipped because we are in constant “work” mode with the never ending tasks that continue immediately following our big year-end event called “recital.” It is hard for us to get off the train!  

The other reason we miss our celebration time is good old-fashioned guilt. Do we really deserve to take time off when so many people and tasks require our attention? We already have parents and staff questioning our dedication to their children and asking why we would benefit from the work we do. How would a tropical vacation be received by the mom who thinks I should be giving free solo lessons to her child every day in the summer?  

We consider these questions because we are one giant, collective group of people pleasers, who also happen to be really passionate about our work. The problem is that our work suffers when we do. Time to celebrate and reflect makes us stronger and ultimately more successful - better leaders, teachers, and family members. When we accomplish something and don't take the time to celebrate, we are robbing ourselves of an important feeling that reinforces our success.  

I know we love our dance families so much and sometimes it doesn’t feel like work, but don’t make the mistake of not taking the time to enjoy your life with the people you love and that includes YOURSELF. From one dance studio owner friend to another, I give you permission to celebrate! Go book that vacation and don’t forget to post photos so we can all celebrate together.


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