Announcing the 2020 Dance Studio Owner Challenge

Have a vision for your dance studio business, but unsure of the steps you need to take or systems you need to implement to get there? Join industry expert and dance studio owner Tiffany Henderson for the 2020 Dance Studio Owner Challenge.

Benefit from Tiffany’s 20 years of successful dance studio management and business strategy on a wide variety of topics including how to expand to multiple studio locations, how to hire and train teachers for your preschool and school-aged dancers, and how to sell your business.

This 10 month small group coaching and discussion runs September 2019 to May 2020 and includes: 

  • Monthly Small Group Coaching and Discussions

  • Monthly Studio Accountability Check In’s and Measurements

  • Discounted Live Event Pricing 

Sample topics of discussion: 

  • Schedule 

  • Competition 

  • Revenue 

  • Dancewear 

  • Website 

  • Marketing 

  • Costumes 

  • Events 

  • Enrollment 

  • Company 

  • Staff Management 

  • Teacher Training 

What do you have to gain? 

  • Community 

  • Accountability 

  • Business Expertise

Ready to make 2020 your most successful and profitable dance season yet? Let’s get started.

Tiffany Henderson is an industry expert, speaker, and the owner of seven Tiffany's Dance Academy locations in California. She is the founder of the Twinkle Star Dance program implemented in over 300 dance studios world wide.