Episode 3 - "Part 1: Revenue"

Tiffany Henderson is an industry expert, speaker, and the owner of seven Tiffany's Dance Academy locations in California. She is the founder of the Twinkle Star Dance program implemented in over 300 dance studios world wide.

Episode 3 ”Part 1: Revenue”

In our third episode of “How to Survive Dance Studio Life” Tiffany talks about what aspects of our job as dance studio owners put us out of balance and why often times they aren’t essential to the bottom line. Listen to the two reasons she thinks we over complicate things when it comes to making decisions in our business and how it causes us to lose sight of what is most important - Revenue and Recital. Tiffany also shares how she is refocusing on her teachers and class curriculum this season. Be sure to tune in next week to “Part 2: Recital.”

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