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What is Thrive Studio Conference Anyway?


You’re busy running a dance studio business…but do you feel like it is running you? If you’re feeling overworked and underpaid or straight up wishing you knew how “all the other studios do it” you are not alone and we can help you level up!

Register now for "How to Make Your Dance Studio Thrive" on Thursday, October 17 at 10:30am PST/ 1:30pm EST.

Join Tiffany Henderson, Creator of Twinkle Star Dance and Owner of seven studios, and Suzanne Blake Gerety, Founder and Director of Dance Studio Owner, as they share what it really takes in today’s industry to not only survive, but how to Thrive!


From the creators of Energize and Twinkle Star Live-- join us for an invigorating two-day retreat in Dallas, Texas. Thrive was designed with the busy studio owner in mind. We’ve planned fresh new seminars that will empower you and your staff to take your studios to the next level. Mark your calendars for November 14–15th. We can't wait to see you there!

Take advantage of our Early Bird pricing prior to October 20. Save $50 on attendee fees!


Episode 4 - "Part 2: Recital"

Tiffany Henderson is an industry expert, speaker, and the owner of seven Tiffany's Dance Academy locations in California. She is the founder of the Twinkle Star Dance program implemented in over 300 dance studios world wide.

Episode 4 ”Part 2: Recital”

In our fourth episode of “How to Survive Dance Studio Life” Tiffany and Amanda discuss why Recitals are important for the growth of your dancers and how they are essential to your bottom line. Listen to the five reasons Recitals should be one of your biggest priorities as a studio owner; why you should market your Recital as an experience and not just another event on your calendar; and hear the latest trends Tiffany is seeing across her seven dance studio locations.

Check back every Wednesday for more inspiration on “How to Survive Dance Studio Life” with Tiffany Henderson.

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